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Learning Basic Code in 3 Hours

Basic HTML classThrough Girls in Tech Las Vegas Chapter I had to the opportunity to take a three-hour crash course on HTML and CSS. Even though I work in marketing at The Net Impact, I think it is important to understand all aspects of our business.

For all of you beginners like myself, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.  Basically this is the code you use to write your websites. When looking or trying to understand HTML, it felt as if I was reading Japanese. I thought how I am possibly going to understand coding and make a website in three hours? Thankfully the instructor was Susan Hinton. Susan is a Front End Web Developer at Zappos. She not only made HTML coding easy to understand she made it fun.  There was electric energy at the Beat’s USR/LIB this evening.

We started off with the basics.  First and foremost, the most important lesson is always close your tags i.e. <>.  If you leave the tags open the formula will not read properly and error messages will pop up on your website. Susan taught us how to add the content first. We learned how to make the title, the body, and to write multiple paragraphs. The website topic chosen for us was the Gentleman Owl.  The Gentleman Owl was very lonely so we created a dating profile for him.

Then we got into CSS. CSS stands for cascading style sheets.  This was super fun.  We learned how to change the background colors, the font, and even the dimensions of where you wanted certain words or pictures on your website.

We were given an enormous amount of content and it has had me itching to learn more ever since. I literally tweeted Girls in Tech the next day asking when they plan on having their next skillshare class. Please let me know if you know of any suitable companions for the Gentleman Owl!


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