As the mobile industry continues to grow, business and organizations are turn to mobile applications and websites to reach their target audience on the go. During the latest TXCHANGE Webcast, Unidev’s Cathy Harris and Rob Vigil explored the strategic and technical implications of this growing technology.

Mobile Solutions Chart

See full slides from the presentation at the event page.

In case you didn’t catch the presentation, here are some highlights:

  1. 1. The Mobile User Base is Huge. With over 240 million users in the US alone, the mobile industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Cathy reported that a majority of mobile users utilize smartphones to download apps.
  2. 2. The Mobile User Experience is Unique. “Attract, Engage, Transact, Share” is Cathy’s mantra for mobile application design. Smartphone and tablet users exhibit unique needs that should inform UX design decisions for mobile developers.
  3. 3. Tailor Mobile Solution to Business Goals. There are different solutions based on different needs of customer interactivity and resource constraints. Cathy discussed  mobile-optimized web applications, native mobile application and hybrid mobile apps.
  4. 4. Apple #1 in App Revenue. While Google’s Android OS maintains the largest market share of mobile devices, applications on iOS (iPhone and iPad) account for the majority of mobile app revenue.
  5. 5. You Only Get One Launch Day. Mobile application developers get one chance to make the most of their time in the “New” sections of the App Store. Good social marketing and enticing visuals help ensure a successful app launch.

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