ecommerceIf you have an ecommerce site that sells seasonal merchandise, you are likely in full swing with your holiday sales push.  Whether it is through targeted email marketing, seasonal coupon codes, holiday pay per click campaigns or other online offers, as the holidays quickly approach, online marketers prepare for the hustle and bustle of the ecommerce store.

During this time, it is easy to say it is too late to make changes to your plan, but even simple tweaks could make a difference in terms of conversions if not for this year for the year ahead. Consider these 5 tips:

1.  Take time to listen to your customers.
If your business is largely seasonal, you might get the most feedback from customers during this high traffic time.  Read customer comments and listen to concerns about both your e-store and your products.

2.  Pay attention to your analytics.
Assuming that you have an analytics platform gathering data about the traffic on your website, the holidays may show new trends in keyword referrals.  Look beyond the top keywords which are your main traffic drivers, and examine some of the longer tail keywords which are referring traffic to your site.  These may give you ideas about which products to feature more prominently.

3.  Continue testing on your site.
Not sure which holiday offer to promote? Try them both by running an A/B test to see which offer converts the best. Even slight changes to online page elements like colors, wording, and placement could make a difference.

4.  Spread the holiday cheer to referrers.
Make sure that your best referring sites know about your holiday promotions. They may be apt to send more visitors your way if they are aware of what is new on your site for the season.

5.  Implement short exit surveys.
Whether a website visitor converts on your site or not, now is the time to take advantage of the influx of traffic to your site and get feedback from users. Create a list of three or four short questions about the shopping experience (if the user made a purchase) or questions about the user experience on the website (if the user did not convert). Be sure to include some, if not all, open-ended questions in order to get honest feedback that covers topics you may not have considered. There are plenty of survey tools available to help make this process easier.
For help with implementing any of these suggestions on your site, please contact The Net Impact!



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