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5 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using

Free SEO ToolsWhether you are creating a marketing strategy, trying to measure the results of your marketing efforts, maintaining a website or trying to improve user experience, it is critical to have the right data. There are a variety of paid SEO tools available, but there are also a lot of valuable free tools that you can start using right now. Here is a list of five free tools that will provide a ton of insight into your website and marketing activities; plus stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with five more tools we love!

1.   SEOmoz Crawl Test

SEOmoz lets you use their crawl test tool for free and will crawl up to 250 pages on any subdomain (more pages requires a PRO membership). The crawl report will include title tags, meta description, http status codes, link count, duplicate content, duplicate titles, whether your titles are too short or too long, nofollows, and much more. This is very comprehensive for a free tool, and it will give you actionable information about any website.

2. SEOmoz Link Analysis (Open Site Explorer)

This tool from SEOmoz lets you explore backlinks to any domain; plus it gives you the ability to compare up to five sites.  Get anchor text, page authority, and domain authority for each inbound link.  You can also filter by internal and external links and followed and nofollowed link.

3. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Input one keyword or a list of keywords and get a list of similar keywords, plus competition, global monthly searches, and local monthly searches. Be aware that is meant to be a PPC keyword tool rather than a tool for determining data related to organic search. A term that has a high level of competition in paid search may not be as competitive organically and vice versa, and monthly search data isn’t 100% accurate, but this tool can help you expand on your keyword list by giving you suggestions for related terms and give you a general idea of how popular a term may be.
4. Ubersuggest

Another free keyword tool we like is Ubersuggest. Unlike AdWords, it doesn’t provide data on the number of searches or competition, but it does offer keyword suggestions from search verticals like shopping, news, and videos as well as regular web search. You can also choose from over 35 languages.
5.  Google Analytics

I am always surprised at how many businesses are not using this to track their website’s data. This is a completely free tool from Google that lets you view how visitors are behaving on your website (through metrics such as navigation pathways, time one site, and number of pages per visit), how visitors find your site (from organic traffic, campaigns, referring sites, and more), goals and ecommerce data if you have an online store plus much more. It’s critical to know how users are interacting with your website so you can make informed marketing and design decisions. If you don’t already have an analytics package on your website, we recommend getting started with Google Analytics ASAP!

Do you have any free (or paid) SEO tools that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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