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Blog Your Online Reputation

blog your online presenceHave you ever Googled your name? What comes up? Does the information you find represent you positively or negatively? Just as we have a reputation with the people we know, we have a reputation online. If you would like to gain control over your web presence, creating a blog can help you accomplish that goal. Blogging is also a great practice to start as a business professional. It allows you to be viewed as an expert in your field and connects you with similar people in the industry.

Now that you’ve started a blog and your web presence radiates positive energy, you may see the additional benefits of feeding information to others. Blogging is a great way to connect to others and build relationships. Creating new contacts for business or socially can allow you to advance as well as learn from whom you’re surrounding yourself with.  As an expert, consider yourself a teacher. How many times have you typed in a search and not been able to find exactly what you are looking for? You can be that missing resource for another web user. This also is an opportune time to teach yourself. What topics do you have interest in but don’t know much about? Choose it as your expert field and learn all you can about the subject.

Social media provides a great source to share your content. After creating blogs, you can increase traffic by sharing your articles via social media networks. Creating a strategy for this is as important as the blogging itself. Sure, some people will still find you in searches they run, but why not go the extra mile and take control? Get the full benefits of blogging by staying social. polled 1000 people to gather statistics on blogging in 2012. It was discovered that there are an estimated 31 million bloggers in the United States alone. 60% of those were men and 40% were women. The most popular platform used to build blog sites was WordPress. 60% of businesses have a blog and 35% of those are continuously updated.

Sometimes rather than using free blog sites, it’s more beneficial to have one built for you. The content will pull readers in but the design and SEO (search engine optimization) are equally important. The Net Impact is a full-service web strategy company that can create optimized, visually engaging websites. If you feel ready to take the next step, contact us today for more information.

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