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Five Website Upgrades to Make in 2013

Upgrades to make to your websiteIf you have been reading tech articles this year, then you probably know that 2013 is the year for change. The tech landscape is ever-changing, and it can be difficult (and costly) to keep up. Here are some solutions to ensure your website stays above the competition.….

1.       Optimize your website for mobile.

  Cost: $$ to $$$

Chances are you have probably heard this one already. Optimizing your site for mobile can be costly, but the benefits can easily outweigh the cost.  In a recent article by the Washington Post it was estimated that mobile internet usage will continue to rise at a shocking rate of 66 percent each year.  Even more shockingly, it was also quoted in another study that 61% of users will leave a site that is not mobile friendly. Many industry experts have estimated that phones and tablets will eventually overtake traditional internet usage, and with recent statistics, they are probably right.

2.       Improve your Mobile Marketing Coverage

  Cost: $$$$$

If you already have a mobile website, consider investing in a mobile marketing strategy.  With over 91% of US citizens having access to their phone 24/7, it is critical to market through mobile. We are hearing more and more about consumers who shop on mobile, as well as make decisions on reviews via smartphone while shopping in-store.

3.       Rethink where you list shipping costs

  Cost: $

Imagine this scenario: You are looking for new running shoes and you finally find the perfect price online. You eagerly throw them in the shopping cart and feverishly enter your information. Then, the ultimate letdown: shipping costs are 20.00. For that price, you could have bought them at that high-priced sports store across from your office! What do you do? Abandon your cart and go somewhere else.  An estimated 40% of consumers abandon their shopping carts because shipping and handling costs were listed too late on their online e-commerce store (  If your shipping is going to be high, then it might be best to be upfront to avoid abandonment.

4.       Get Social

  Cost: Free to $$

If you haven’t already, be sure to engage your customers by going social. Stay in the conversation by setting up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google + (to name a few).  Although sometimes taxing, it is important to utilize social sites as customers often research a company’s page before visiting them.  This gives them a chance to look at what others are saying, as well as provide valuable feedback that you may not get otherwise. If you are in a niche business, it might be beneficial to invest in Facebook ads which will target a specific demographic of customer.

5.       Leverage your customer engagement

  Cost: Free$$

If not in 2012, SEO your website in 2013.  You can have a fantastic website, but it doesn’t matter if no one can find it.  If you are on a budget, consider using a free tool like Google Analytics, which will gather data on how visitors find and utilize your website. This will give you great insight on keywords to use, as well as which pages customers are visiting. If you want more in-depth SEO information, consider hiring a search engine consultant. Someone who is certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics will know how to optimize your website for the best exposure to prospective customers or visitors.  If you would like to see a quick tutorial on Search Engine Optimization, click here.

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2 Responses

  1. Caitlin on 19 Feb 2013

    Thanks for the tip Rebecca! Shipping costs have also been noted as an issue for shopping cart abandonment. You may have just inspired a future blog post :)

  2. Rebecca on 18 Feb 2013

    Great ideas, thanks! But I beg to differ on #3. I like having shipping and handling costs up front but I’ll not even shop the site, let alone abandon it late in the game, if the shipping costs are too high. You should have said, “Rethink your shipping costs.” Marketing wise, people are getting smart about total costs and are shopping for that. Look at Ebay and other sites that allow you to sort by total costs. It’s not really about where s/h is on the site but how much s/h is.

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