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Increase Your Marketing Efforts With Vine

I think I can speak for most marketers when I say that keeping up with social media can be challenging. What used to be just updating Facebook has now become a full-time job with managing networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and Instagram. The reality is that social media allows us an opportunity to give our brand a voice and a personality as well as find followers and potential customers. In fact, a recent article in the Huffington Post quoted that, “34 % of marketers have generated leads via Twitter.” How? By creating a brand that people want to follow. So, if you are looking to amp up your marketing efforts and add another network, now is the time to embrace Vine.

If you didn’t know already, Vine is a social networking application that allows you to make short, animated, gif-like movies. Like all social networks, it can end up being a great way to avoid those expense reports you meant to file OR it can be another great way to reachcustomers. Here are a few examples of how your company can embrace vine and gain loyal followers.

1. Showcase your awesome company culture. Use Vine to show cool things happening around your office. Whether it’s a clip of a company meeting or something funny, giving your customers a glimpse of what everyday life is like makes them feel included.  Here’s a really great tweet from one of my favorite guys, Cesar Milan. Here he is embracing Vine to bring followers into his office (which I have to admit, looks pretty awesome).

2.  Embrace Vine to let your loyal followers know about opportunities and upcoming events. It’s kind of like a hand delivered invitation, right? Calvin Klein does this perfectly. Here they are using the beautiful Hanneli Mustaparta to encourage followers to follow them on Tumblr for a runway show.

3. Use Vine to raise awareness. Cause marketing is extremely important in the non-profit world and volunteers and donors love to feel connected.  There are many non-profits out there who have not embraced this tool yet, but one would be surprised with how much can be said in 6 seconds or less. Below is a fantastic example from Unicef, which is promoting “mother language day.”

4.  Use Vine to promote your products. Videos are a great way to promote products. While YouTube is a fantastic way to show off your brand, Vine allows you to access a whole new fan base via Twitter. If you choose to do this, try to be as creative as possible. Here is a great #Vine from Red Vines, who tied their messaging in perfectly with Valentine’s Day.

5. Run promotions and competitions. Engage your users by creating a #Vine competition! Brands are catching on to this rapidly and customers are chomping at the bit to enter. The bigger the prize value is, the more followers will enter. I really enjoyed following the Cavendish London Hotel’s #ValentineVine competition.

These are just a few tips for how to increase your marketing efforts with Vine. Have you been using Vine in your marketing efforts? Leave us your best tip below!

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