Google AnalyticsHello everyone! As you know, we had an event last week regarding Google Analytics. As a follow-up, I thought I would post some information about Google’s New Universal Analytics.

What is it?

Universal Analytics is Google’s new version of Analytics and is set to change how we track and understand our users. It is still in beta but is now available to everyone.

How will it differ?

With Universal Analytics, it’s no longer just about tracking website visits and will no longer use cookies for tracking but will use unique universal tracking IDs. Universal Analytics will compile data across platforms and devices, including mobile apps so you will be able to better understand how people are using your apps, including video plays, location and language of visitors, devices and networks of visitors, and the order that visitors move through screens.

Universal Analytics will also integrate offline data, such as data from point-of-sale systems. Being able to track user behavior across a more complete pathway will give businesses a much better understanding of their customers.

There will be a lot of new features compared to the current version of Analytics, many of which are still a work in progress. A few of the main new features will be the ability to track offline actions (such as cash register transactions), linking your customer database (such as a CRM) to analytics, configuring session timeouts (rather than the default 30 min), the ability to segment based on multiple visits, and creating custom buckets for your data.

How do I set it up?

To set up Universal Analytics, it is best to set up a new account or profile and leave your current data as is. You will also need to add the new analytics.js JavaScript code snippet to your website to begin tracking. Click here for a step-by-step guide from Google.

google_universal_analytics (3)

Some of the more advanced features, like tracking offline interactions, will take some technical skills to implement and several features will require custom code. Although this isn’t a quick upgrade, t is worth setting up the new version and familiarizing yourself with the new features now, especially if you have a mobile app.

Have you tested Universal Analytics yet? Let us know what you think in the comments! If you have any questions about Google Analytics or the switch to Universal Analytics, you can contact us here.

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