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How to Promote Your Social Media Launch

By now, I hope you are convinced of the value of social media for businesses and have launched your brand on one (or more) social media platforms. Building a strong community around your brand takes time and effort, so it’s important to get the word out about your launch to kick start your social media presence. Even if you have been using social media channels for a while, these tips can help to boost your visibility.

So you went social…now what?

  • WebsiteAdd social media buttons to your website so they appear on every page. This could be done in the header, footer or another highly visible part of your website. This footer on Unidev’s website encourages visitors to connect through each of their social channels:

Example of social media in Unidev's footer

  • Website announcement – Have a ‘News’ or ‘Announcements’ section on your website? Let your readers know that you have launched your social presence!
  • Thank you pages When a visitor fills out a contact form, places an order or signs up for your newsletter, the confirmation page should remind your users that you are social.

Example Unidev thank you page

  • Share button Make it easy for users to share your content or their actions on your site. For example, Amazon lets users share an item they’ve just purchased or added to their wish list:

Example Amazon social share buttons

  • Email – Use your email database to send out an e-blast letting users know that they can also get news and updates via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Oftentimes, a simple update letting your customers know how to find you is enough to get many interested in connecting.
  • Email signature – Add links to each social platform to your company’s email signature for every employee.
  • Facebook pay per click (PPC) ads – Facebook ads can be targeted to a specific audiences based on location, age, gender, interests and more.

Example King and Prince Resort Facebook ad

  • Offline– Add your social URL to print materials, business cards or use QR codes to drive customers to your online properties.

Example of social media on a business card

  • Social platforms – Once you are active on multiple social platforms, use them to cross-promote. For example, announce on Facebook that you are also on Instagram!

Don’t be shy about letting your customers and clients know that you are launching your brand on a new social channel! Get creative and develop a post-launch strategy to make sure your business is a social success!

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