It’s no denying that on July 11th the SyFy original move Sharknado turned into a full-blown social media extravaganza. This campy made-for-TV movie starred the likes of Tara Reid, John Heard and (you guessed it) thousands of vicious, man-eating sharks in three different waterspouts over the city of Los Angeles. At its peak, the Sharknado hashtag was getting 5,032 tweets per minute, or about 84 tweets per second. For a little perspective, this is about ¼ of what the Superbowl had at its peak.

Many celebrities got in on the #sharknado action, some of whom got very involved in the social media phenomenon. This tweet from Wil Wheaton (my personal favorite) got 1,590 retweets and 842 favorites. Not to mention, I think it describes the whole event pretty well.

NWS Kansas City

Some businesses took this new hashtag as an opportunity to promote themselves in a fun, new way. The Red Cross and National Weather Service, for example, used it to endorse disaster preparedness. These tweets were interesting and funny, not to mention the organizations received thousands of retweets and hundreds of new followers as a result.

Kansas City and Red Cross Tweets


It can be difficult to predict what is going to trend on Twitter, so quick thinking and constant monitoring is a must. Paying attention to social media and responding to relevant trends can be an extremely powerful way to promote your business to an entirely new audience and get some unique website traffic as a result.

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