Facebook recently began rolling out their new and improved Page Insights to give admins a better idea of how their Facebook Page is performing.

Take a look at some of our favorite new features that will help you to understand user engagement on your Facebook page:

1. “Scorecards” for each individual post: The new Insights is now collecting all the data for a single post in one place and is breaking out likes, comments, shares, views, and clicks, as well as negative feedback.

Post Scorecard

2. Engagement Rate: This is a new metric that is calculated by dividing the number of clicks, likes, shares, and comments by the number of people who saw the post. Having a high engagement rate is vital because if a person is not interacting with your posts, Facebook will gradually reduce how often your posts are shown to that person. Over time, you can lose visibility is the News Feeds of your fans. You can sort this table by each column, which can give you a great idea as to what posts are generating the most engagement, and use that as a guide to producing posts that encourage interactions.

New Facebook Insights

3. Grouping types of posts: The new Insights will also group your posts by type giving you a clear idea of what post types work best with your fan base. From the screenshot below, you can see that for Van Gogh Gallery, photos clearly have the greatest reach and engagement.

Best Facebook Post Types

4. When your fans are online: This is a new feature that will allow you to plan your posts around peak usage times, both by day of week and hour of day. You can mouse over the day of the week to see how times of day changes with the day of week.

When Fans are Online

5. Negative feedback: Showing forms of negative feedback from users (hiding posts, reporting as spam, and unliking your page) over time is a visual way to correlate negative feedback with posting activity to get an idea of whether certain posts trigger an increase in negative feedback.

Measuring Negative Feedback

6. Page and Tab Visits:  The new Insights breaks down page visits and tab visits graphically, which will give you a better idea of what users are viewing as well as give  you the ability to correlate visits with your activity – posts, Facebook paid ads, marketing campaigns, etc.

Page and Tab Visits

The updated Page Insights will give you a better visual as to what is actually happening on your Facebook page, allow you to measure the effects of your activities, and see what content resonates with your fans. For a step-by-step guide, you can take the tour on your Facebook page when you switch over.  Or, for more posts on the subject, check out The Ultimate Facebook Page Insights Cheat Sheet and this article from HubSpot.

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