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Google Partners Update

As a quick follow-up to my earlier post about the change in Google’s certification program, here are a couple of screenshots from the new platform. It took a while for our status to migrate over, even after talking to Google about the process. Now that everything has been transitioned, the new platform shows whether each Partner has met the requirements and how each company stacks up compared to other Partner companies:

 Google Partner Status

 TNI Partner Ranking






Seeing where The Net Impact ranks compared to the required minimum to be a Google Partner and average Google Partner was really exciting! We are proud to provide our customers with the best practices needed to exceed the minimum requirements and the average Google Partner, but now we know we have more work to do to reach the very top!

The new platform provides online courses and a community forum that allows Partners to interact with other pros and Google Experts. Having these resources available plus direct access to speak to Google about accounts, best practice, recommendations, and more gives us an edge when managing paid search campaigns.

Within the platform, Google also provides promotional offers to get clients get started with a new AdWords account. If you are thinking of trying out paid search for your business, contact us today to learn how these can be applied to a new account!

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