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I am excited to join Unidev’s Java development team through a new program called LaunchCode. Formed by local area entrepreneurs, including the founder of Square, LaunchCode pairs new programmers with experienced developers within companies. Through a development process called pair programming, LaunchCode hopes to reduce the time it takes to get new employees up to speed and become valuable team members. The basis of pair programming is that two developers work together at one computer, both talking through their work, while one types on the keyboard and the other directs. This allows developers to share skills and quickly learn. The advantages of pair programming are increased productivity, a reduction in mistakes, and an efficient spread of knowledge between developers. Hopefully, in the upcoming weeks and months I can become an example of the success of the LaunchCode program, and the theories of pair programming.Andrew-Bell

About Andrew Bell

Education: Associates in Software Development from St. Louis Community College

Favorite Restaurant: Sandrina’s on Arsenal. They’ve got the juiciest burgers, fries piled high and topped with parmesan, cheap drinks, dim lights, and a kitchen open real late.

Favorite Color: Blue. Luckily, it’s easy to match.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Currently, Pacific Rim, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Adventure Time

Favorite Musicians: Currently on rotation, Daft Punk, Purity Ring, Kanye West, and Macklemore.

Favorite Season: Fall

Dream Vacation: New Zealand – You can visit the sets from Lord of the Rings!

Hobbies:  Hanging out on our stoop, tinkering in my lab, and exploring South City.

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