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8 Tips for Digital Networking

Whether you realize it or not, you already network online! If you post anything on Facebook, comment on your friend’s blog, or leave a review for your favorite restaurant, you are digitally networking.

While we may do this every day, several times a day, not every effort is successful. Read and master the following list if you manage your business’s social media, if you work in sales, or if you want to shine within your company by creating new rewarding partnerships. Your entire current and future digital network should know why you and your company are different than the rest!

1. Reach out to three contacts per day. In one way or another, take 15 minutes each morning and go through your existing contacts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or another platform. Send something to at least three people a day to keep the lines of communication open.

2. Connect with new people every Friday. Before I head home for the weekend, I spend a few minutes reviewing the ‘People You May Know’ section of LinkedIn or searching for our clients on Facebook. I send invitations to connect or ‘Like’ the page. On Twitter, I search for terms or hashtags that apply to my industry and follow new sources of information. Always build your network! LinkedIn-Networking-Activity-Image

3. Post consistently. Review your page insights or other Analytics tools to determine the time of day your posts reach the most people. Try to get in the habit of posting at this time every day. Consider adding another post at a different time of day periodically to review and compare the reach factor.

4. Give, give, then ask. No matter the medium, platform, voice, etc. you choose to represent your business, this simple motto can help guide your interactions. Your first two interactions should always be about the target – endorse them on LinkedIn, like a Facebook post, retweet the article they shared, share a photo of the target’s fabulous product. Do this twice, then come back and ask them to return the favor.

5. Yes, ask for support. Once you’ve offered support twice already, it’s time to ask them to give their support. If you are trying to grow the company’s Twitter presence, ask them to follow your company and retweet your latest post. See if the person has friends in your industry and ask if they could invite 3 people to your social media page/website/blog.

6. Be an expert. Share articles through social media or even just via email that showcase your understanding of the user’s industry and interests. If you find something that stands out to you, pass it along! Never miss an opportunity to connect.

7. LinkedIn is not only a professional network, but it’s also evolving into a sales tool for businesses. Consider upgrading to Sales Basic for just $20.00/month to get started.

8. Use images or video. I always stop and watch when a video starts up on my Instagram feed. Images especially stand out on Twitter among the 140 characters. Images and videos help your content stand out! My favorite photo editing tools? Pic Stitch App or Pic Monkey online.

Have another question? Need help with your online lead generation strategy? I’d be happy to discuss your goals with you! Please email me at to schedule a consultation.


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4 Responses

  1. Jon Franko on 12 Dec 2013

    Really sound advice. It’s amazing to me how simple these channels are, yet how complicated people make them. Or at least, how complicated they’re perceived to be. With a little work each week, we can all get so much more out of our social networks. Thanks for the great advice Jennifer!

  2. George McCabe on 09 Dec 2013

    Sounds like sound advice.

  3. Jeremy Womack on 09 Dec 2013

    This is all great information Jennifer. I especially like the part where inform people that they should contact at least three people a day via social networks. I definitely see how that can help increase your visibility via social media and drive traffic to your own growing business.

  4. Elyse Petersen on 09 Dec 2013

    These are such good words of advice. People often downplay the importance of networking online. I account the majority of success in my business on networking I do with strangers on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I travel often and have the opportunity to meet these people in real life. It’s amazing the level of collaboration that is possible since we have already developed a relationship online.

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