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Blogging for Business Event Recap

Jennifer and I joined forces to lead a Blogging for Business workshop on Thursday, December 12th at our Unidev and The Net Impact offices.  Leave it to our special events backgrounds to inspire us to turn a simple workshop into an event complete with food, drink and a raffle.

We believed the event was a success, but don’t just take our word for it!  Here is what one of our attendees thought:

“Absolutely worth it! I recommend anyone with an interest in developing their B2B skills attend these sessions.”Txchange canned goods

Our diverse audience consisted of professionals with a vast array of backgrounds and strengths.   The financial, not-for-profit, fashion, hospitality, industrial, human resource consulting, and legal industries were represented.   The beauty of such diverse attendees provided us with a variety of viewpoints and business objectives. Some were regularly bloggers, others were simply curious about this trend, but all came out to answer one question – “Why should I blog for my business?”

We began the event by encouraging interaction.  We mixed, mingled, swapped business cards, and made introductions before we even began teaching.  Our first task was to generate conversation and invite audience members to participate.  Ice breakers are perfect to get people talking and involved.  We set the tone of a non-judgmental environment where there are no dumb questions.  Our goal was to engage and connect with our audience, and of course provide valuable insight in a relaxed atmosphere. Our guests were free to stop us at any point during the presentation if something sparked their interest.

We opened by informally asking who writes blogs, reads blogs, or simply wanted some more elaboration on the definition of a blog. Again, there was no judgment.  Our overall intention was not just to provide the basics of blogging or how it can be best utilized to enhance their business.  We worked to inspire the inner authors in our audience; especially those who may have doubted themselves as writers.  If we got creative juices flowing and triggered some interest in this medium, we have done our job.

The first step was establishing the intention of the blog, since every company has different, specific content and goals.  For that reason, we zeroed in on the objectives of a business blog, such as:

  • positioning the company’s brand
  • strategic marketing
  • driving traffic to your website
  • last but not least, to generate leads and convert into revenue

These tactics were further explored as we worked through the heart of the blog.  Together, we broke down the crucial elements in no particular order: a unique voice, distinctive images, inviting content and engagement. Since Jennifer and I have different backgrounds as well, we played to our strengths and rallied components, each tackling different factors.  This dynamic, tag-team structure set the tone for an inviting, accessible seminar.

We were ecstatic our information was resonating, as our guests asked genuine questions, both business specific and universal.

Our generous attendees even contributed canned goods to a holiday food drive our company is sponsoring.  In exchange for the donations, guests were entered in a raffle to win an Edgewild Restaurant gift card.  While they left with knowledge and hopefully some inspiration, we were left with bags of donated goods going directly to the St. Patrick’s Center.

This workshop only scratched the surface of how to create and maintain a successful business blog. We encourage you to join us at the next workshop, and bring a colleague, friend, or family member.  Click here to sign up for our company newsletter to stay updated on the event schedule.


4 Responses

  1. Irene LaRocca on 20 Dec 2013

    My husband and I both attended. We were so impressed with their presentation. We are newbies to blogging and they explained everything in easy to understand terminology. We learned a lot! Thx to angela and jennifer. We look forward to more.

  2. Dan on 20 Dec 2013

    Loved the event! Great information and food for thought (literally and figuratively). Definitely worth my time. I’ll be back to the next event and I’ll be talking with Angela and Jennifer about blogging and social media to grow my business.

  3. Molly J. on 20 Dec 2013

    Angela and Jennifer really know their stuff! As someone who is delving into the fun world of b2b blogging, I appreciated this session tremendously.

  4. Jennifer on 20 Dec 2013

    This was such a great event with good ideas flowing and tips being shared as well as useful networking before and after the session. I will definitely make a point of coming back for the next one.

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